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Fistula repair surgery Kisantu ( Kongo-Central)

Team:surgeons:Prof. Dirk De Ridde,Dr Mathieu Loposso.Nursing: Jeanne Leen, Gonda Martens

1) there is a significant improvement in the service of the maternity care. The patients are well prepared and follow-up is correct..The Solfa programme seems to be well integrated in the functioning of the hospital what we experience as a very positif evolution.  

2) screening of the new mothers with fistula : we must reduce the number of interventions so as not to enterfere with the normal funcitoning of the hospital

3) Dr Inspector Provincial considers to expand the program to the whole province. Kisantu would become the center of training and reference but in the mean time asks to consider an Center in Kimpese or Matadi.

4) Follow up of patients: is still difficult because cured mums don't always want to come back for control. We only see those who have a recurrence and are asking for a re-intervention.

4) Clinical study: 

a. Dr. Loposso plans to go for a  doctorate on the subject of fistula at the University of Leuven and UNIKIN Kinshasa. Prof. Dirk and Prof. Punga will be the promotor and co-promotor. The data from the SOLFA program will be used for this thesis.

b. a prospective study will be submitted to the Ethics Committee of the University hospitals Leuven ande the Medical Director of Kisantu, to obtain the permission to collect intersting data on etiology,on the social context, treatment and follow-up of our patients with fistula

c. to facilitate the collection of the given dat a special file will be made bij Dr Loposso, Dr Ndundu and Mireille Miesi.

d. SOLFA will financially support this doctorate 

5) SOLFA makes a donation of surgical equipment worth € 4500.



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