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compresses: collection campaign: join in !

We collect compresses for the St Luc Hospital in Kisantu: They are having a hard time there now, very hard, not their fault, but simply because Congo is always getting harder. People's purchasing power is melting away because of the devaluation, subsidies are being reduced but personnel costs remain the same (they have been working there for months even though their wages are 2 or 3 months behind).Patients must now buy the compresses needed for their treatment before they are 'served'. Therefore, we would like to help a little, although it's not within the Solfa action plan. How ?  By collecting compresses: easy for us to do but a lot of money saved for them. How often is not even half of a pack of compresses thrown open in the OR department used and the other half ends up in the bin? At home you may also have unused opened packages that are no longer sterile. Do you think it's a good idea to stop that and keep compresses of all sizes. If everyone participates a little, we'll get a container full.For this action we want to be able to finish an urgent shipment as soon as possible (end of January), but of course we will collect even further afterwards

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